C/C++ I.D.E 100% made with OpenGL

Hi there

i’ve some Questions for ^OpenGL^ programmers.

Do u think that is a good idea to use OpenGL as a Render for building a Cross C/C++ ide for unix like system ?

is OpenGL more faster than X-window for drawing bitmap with and without a 3d card?

What is the cpu cost for using OpenGL like
a Gui application ?

^Thank you^

See Blender (blender.org); it’s a 3d modeller and renderer, and its widgets are fully made in OpenGL. It has a Python edit window, you can make a good idea from it.

OpenGL with hardware support is much faster than the normal Xlib graphics. Without a 3d card would probably the normal Xlib functions be used.

The cpu cost is close to nothing if a 3d card is available.

You already have libraries for this, here is one: http://plib.sourceforge.net/pui/index.html

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