C++ Builder and Opengl32.lib

I have this problem:
when I write a short program in Borland C++ Builder and try to compile it I get this error:
[LinkerError] ‘C:\OPENGL32.LIB’ contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21.

I’ve downloaded OpenGL libraries from microsoft games. What can cause this problem or what is more important how can I correct it?
THx for help in advance.

Borland uses another format for .lib files. So you either have to get opengl32.lib especially made for borland c++ builder or to create one. There is an utility implib.exe, which will output a lib file from a dll file, so just run it over opengl32.dll and you’ll get a useable lib


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OK. Now the same thing happens with glaux.lib, but I can’t find glaux.dll anywhere. Where could I download it from?
Thx in advance.

See my OpenGL page for info about using GLUT & GLAUX with Builder.

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There is another program called coff2omf, it will convert your coff (MS Visual C) library file to OMF what Borland uses. I don’t know what you want to you GLUAX for? Its generaly a bad idea.