Buttons with glut

Hi. I originally posted this thread on the opengl in windows forum, but then i saw this one. :slight_smile:

I am using the GLUT library to make the windows for a program written in c++.

I am trying to make ordenary buttons so that i can have a decent user interface (on the left side), but i can only find info on creating the pop-up menues.

I have checked out glui, but with that i had to make glui windows and it wouldn’t let me decide the xy position of the buttons.

How do i create ordenary press-down buttons with glut, in my main graphics window?

I will be very thankfull for any help anyone could give me.

Fredrik B. Kjoelstad

you can use plib or mui.
Mui is a very old library distributed with original version of glut.
Pui is a new graphic interface which works with glut and has buttons, menus etc.
You can find pui at: plib.sourceforge.net


Is there any way to mix glut windowing with a classic MSWindows ui (which is easier to develop and more user friendly than Pui)?