Bump mapping

Are there any other good tutorials on bump mapping (besides NeHe’s)?

Here, there are some cool demos :

One of the best papers is “A Practical and Robust Bump-mapping Technique for Today’s GPUs” by Mark Kilgard. Search for it at nVidia’s site. It covers basics, mathematics, and practical aspects of bumpmapping. In addition it describes cube mapping and register combiners. It also
has some code examples for tangent-space bumpmapping routines.

those are good…but…are there any that are in simpler (easier to undestand) terms? I am only in Trig right now, at my high school, so that really made the whitepaper you sugested imposible for me to undestand. Anyone know of any simpler tutorials/white papers/well commented programs?

well commented?
well i can give you uncommented , check my site (url in profile) under demos

It would be nice if there were simpler material out there. Kilgard’s paper is probably the most relevant to game development right now.

A lot of the complexities of bump mapping must be dealt with in the general case, and the general case seems more interesting – bump mapped and animated polygonal models.

If you have specific questions, this is not a bad forum to post them, though.

Thanks -

what do you mean, general cases? do you mean that the white paper deals with a lot of special cases bump-mapping, which cannot be implemented for a general purposed engine?
i tried to understand this whitepaper, and pretty much failed, because of the math, i am in high-school too, and it would be nice to know that a more general purpose bump-maping can be done with simpler math. i mean, with out all of these derivitives, integrals, difrentials, and whatever i saw there.

A lot of the development of the ideas is there just to help understand the principles. It’s not part of the implementation.

Perhaps a simpler how-to paper would be a good idea.

i see, well, if you skipp the two math theory sections, and it is possible to read it and understand it, more or less.