Bump Mapping

I have a question about bump mapping

- Whether  we can add a bump mapping to  a cube like object,If possible how to do that

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A simple reply to your question is yes. Bump mapping is nothing more then putting a texture onto an object and using the pixels of that texture calculate the light. So if you can put a texture on it, it could be bumpmapped!

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How to calculate light using pixels of texture and are you calculating only lights or calculating anything else for the computation.I read few articles in Bump mapping,could not understand anything.Can you briefly describe how to do bump mapping .I also want to know logic behind the technique

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Best tutorial I have found so far. It is the simplest kind of bump mapping however:

I would recommend that you get per-vertex lighting working first. Calculating per vertex is easy just find out which polygod/triangles share a vertex then calculate the face normal for each then get the average of the face normals and that is the vertex normal. There is a great tutorial on it at flipcode: http://www.flipcode.com/tutorials/tut_vnormals.shtml

And instead of using opengl fixed lighting you should do the lighting using either NV_vertex_program or ARB_vertex_program. Then you will be able to move on to per-pixel lighting (w/ bumpmapping).