Building the executable using Project Builder on Mac10.2

Hi, I’m new to working with OpenGL and am working on the Mac. I am using Project Builder to develop my files, and am able to build and run them. However, I do not seem to be exporting a runable file.

Does anyone use Project Builder and know how to export an executable similar to the exe files you get from Code Warrior on the PC?

What project type are you making?

If you build i.e. “Standard Tool”, you’ll get an executable unix binary (which you could link against GLUT for example.)
If you build i.e. “Carbon Application” or “Cocoa Application” you’ll get a double clickable bundle, which is really just a directory wrapping the executable along with resources and other data.

In either case the result is put into the “build” directory next to the project by default. But it can go elsewhere depending what your preferences are in Project Builder. You can change the default build folder location, or you can install the resulting application to i.e. /Applications or ~/Applications.

PS there are OS-specific forums here for these type of questions that aren’t directly GL related.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. TS