Bug in glEvalMesh documentation?


I studied carefully the documentation:

It says that glEvalMesh1(GL_LINE,…) is equivalent to:

for(…) glEvalCoord1(…);

However, my experiments show that it is in fact equivalent to:

for(…) glEvalCoord1(…);

I didn’t use glEvalMesh1 for a long time, because I actually needed the line strip and after reading the docs I thought you can’t get a line strip. But it seems like the documentation is flawed, because in fact you do get a line strip.

Could somebody please confirm that there is this bug in documentation? Knowing precisely how these functions work is very important to me.

The red “OpenGL Programming Guide Second Edition” book seems to confirm my tests. In the book on page 445 it says that GL_LINE is equivalent to GL_LINE_STRIP. So I guess there is a bug in the documentation. How do I submit a bug report?

Here -> http://www.opengl.org/documentation/specs/feedback/ <–

There are still people using EvalMesh?

Thanks, I have submitted the issue.

What do you mean with “still using EvalMesh”? Is there some alternative? I must say the book I have is from 97, so maybe it’s too old to read…