Buffers and textures

In OpenGL 1.1 ES …

  1. Is it possible to directly copy from one texture into another texture?

  2. Is it possible to copy directly from one buffer into another?

  3. Are there FRONT_RIGHT, FRONT_LEFT, BACK_RIGHT, and BACK_LEFT buffers or just FRONT and BACK buffers?

  4. Can a texture be assigned as a buffer or a buffer as a texture? (This would do the same as 1 and 2 above)

I am specifically working with iOS devices.

  1. what do you want to do? there is glCopyTeximage2d() function which copies texture data.

  2. yes. glCopyBuffer()

  3. only FRONT and BACK buffers. you can specify in eglCreateSurface()

  4. you want to use buffers for texture ? check out glTexBuffer().

I realise that you can’t use call lists in opengles but I was wondering what the strategy was for doing a similar implementation to that in opengl?

@johnleee: did not get you, can you elaborate??

I think you mean that there are no Display Lists in OpenGL ES. That is true. The solution is to build your own data structures, or use an SDK that provides it. PowerVR is my favorite OpenGL ES SDK which parses the 3D data from either Collada (XML) or POD (binary) files for the calls to OpenGL ES. Download the “PC Emulation” version at:


Good Luck, Clay

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