buffer instances and manipulation for fragment programs

I was thinking about my fill limitation problem, and how nice it would be to be able to program into a small handful of buffer instances, that way I could possibly use 8 openGL lights, and in a set of fragment programs, set up stencils of each of their shadows, and then render the shadows properly for all 8 lights on the draw. I have been working with Cg and asm vertex/fragment programs, and I haven’t seen much buffer manipulation capacity…

Please be more specific.

Do you mean some sort of mechanism to ‘bind’ different, seperate stencil buffers and still keep one depth/color buffer?

Or do yo mean multiple render targets (use multiple stencil buffers simultaneously)? How would that work?

Yeah, exactly. it would be handy I suppose, it would possibly make it much faster to draw stencil shadows, where it’d be convenient to have N buffers to draw N lights’ shadows.

You know, it’s not very helpful to answer an either/or type of question with “yes”.

If your answer is #2, you’d still have to explain how multiple simultaneous stencil tests are supposed to work.