I need a Documentation / Tutorial on using BSP and PVS. can someone help me?

BSPs (based on nodes or on leaves), Portals and so on, are preprocessed space partitioning algorithm.
“BSP” aims at building a binary tree by subdivising the space by planes liying on polygons. So, you can easily get polygons sorted (thus, no problem of transparent polygon) with specific graph traversal. But the performance strictly depends on the database complexity.
“Portal” divides the space in rooms and portals (used for indoor databases like duke…), so there will have no overdraw (only visible rooms will be rendered) .
Here you can found some links:

If you want more links, write to me

Check out

The tutorials are incredibly long but great. I went there recently and the download links were broken but e-mail the guy and I’m sure it’ll be sorted. If you can’t get them then drop me a mail and I’ll send you the files.

Just to emphasize; these are the best BSP/PVS tutorials on the web.


However, they’re not on the web anymore!! I jsut checked and I’m afraid they’re gone!!

Don’t despair though! When you want them, just drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you copies…