borland C++ and glVertexPointer

Is there any reason why glVertexPointer wouldn’t work in BCB 6? I have ‘working’ code in VC 6 that displays a bunch of triangles and when i use the exact same code in BCB the screen is blank. But when I manually draw each triangle using glBegin it draws everything fine.

I just downloaded NeHe’s tutorial on VBO, downloaded the BCB version. I compiled it and it displayed the terrain using VBO just fine, but when I turned VBO off and made it use glVertexPointer it displayed nothing. I’m using a Radeon 9800 Pro with Cat 3.10, but is this a Borland problem? Or a driver problem?

Does anyone have an answer to this problem :frowning: ???


I use BCB 5, Nvidia card, and I have no problems with glVertexPointer.

You probably did this, but just to make sure:
Did you glBindBufferARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, 0) to turn off VBO? I have the same setup as you do (9800pro) but with bcc5.5. It did not have any problems with VBO like you describe.

I have had other problems with bcc5.5 and builder. The problems are not present when I use cygwin/g++. As a result… I don’t regret switching to cygwin/g++ for my Windows software development. You may want to look into this combination.