Borland C++ 4.5, I need help linking,

Where do you find the project linker, so I can link other APIs to Borland C++ 4.5.

I have been looking and looking.
Thanks for your help

I think it’s called implib if you want to import the library, or download the OpenGL SDK which contains the borland folder. I think you can find that in the opengl95.exe file on this site)


Borland C++ links to OpenGL automatically (like to whole Win32 API) since version 4.0, so you don’t need to use implib in this case.

Yes, it links automatically but maybe he has trouble with the lib file. Borland uses another format. implib can do a conversion. I don’t really remember where I got the lib from back then when I was using 4.5

BTW, why not use a Win32 compiler? Search for BC 5, cause I think they made the command line compiler free to download.


Thanks gentlemen
I found it!

I just ran into this while looking for something

Good Luck!

V-man I appreciate your help,

I have Borland C++ 4.5,
Not Builder,
It would be nice if I did.
I am thinking I should look for
BC++ 5.02,
I think that would link everso nicely.
Thanks again Vman.