I am just starting to learn OpenGL, What books can help me get started. I have been learning C++, & VB for the last 2 years, if that means anything. :slight_smile:

Don’t know about books, but these tutorials are popular with beginners:

also see:

Start with “the red book”, you have old (obsolete) version in html, and up-to-date GL2 edition in paper only :

Then for modern OpenGL shading langage, this book is very good :
“The Orange Book”

A big list, if you want to borrow more books, not sure if all are worth buying :

EDIT: and about NeHe, beware of some tutorials that use glaux, this is completely outaded and buggy. For most tutorials, you can download more modern packages at the end of page (glut/gameglut/freeglut etc).

Thank you both very much, this looks like a lot to get me going. :slight_smile: