Book recomendation:

I apologize if my question was examined before.

I would like to know which book is the best for learning OpenGL. I dont have experience with OpenGL programming but I do have relative good knowledge of C/C++ (Qt-Linux).

Which book is “best buy”:
OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 1. 4 or OpenGL Superbible or “book_of_your_choice”?

Thank you!

the first one is good although “the red book” is good as well. i could email u the redbook pdf format if u like, it is 8mb so it may take a while?

Thank you for your response.
Which version of red book? The one available at (1.1)? or 4th edition? :smiley:


yes that is the one i hav, from the open gl website. i also hav the pdf format of the nehe tutorials u should get that as well, it is very helpfull.