Book: linux 3d graphics programming

i just bought norman lin’s book, “linux 3d graphics
programming.” i know c/c++ and some opengl but know
very little about linux and nothing about X11. i’m
currently on page 20 but the weekend has just begun!

very good author. seems to teach in a top-down
approach, as in, understand the big picture
first (although he claims the actual book content
progresses in bottom-up fashion).

it’s got a very definite OO slant. yay!

there’s lots of information for the beginning linux

very nice diagrams!

note: i’m pretty sure that it’s the kind of book
you need to read beginning to end. early on, the
author develops various classes that get used as the
book progresses. if you skip those, i’m guessing you’ll
have trouble figuring out what he’s doing later in
the book.

i’m glad i spent the $60. this weekend is gonna rock!

umm… hmm… [shuffle feet]… [look at feet
being shuffled]…

it’s turning out that there is very little opengl in
this book. lots of 3d but precious little ogl. i’m
learning that it’s more of a roll-your-own-3d
kind of a book; which can be good too…

sorry for jumping the gun w/o reading further.

I was very disappointed with this book. It might be good for the absolute beginners, but it was a waste of time for me.

The only useful thing in it was the tutorial on Blender. Other than that, I’d give it a miss.

There’s supposed to be a sequel coming out this summer i think. Same title with advanced somwhere in it. I wonder if that will be any good.

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