Blind gDebugger

Hi All,

We have several DELL Precision machines with ATI FirePro GPUs and AMD gDebugger 6.x works only on the most compromised one (the one with Win8 Release Preview installed).

The problem is simple: when you start the app within the gDebugger you have no output and you cannot even Suspend the execution (F6).

What can we check?



You have a call stack in gDEBugger which tells you what’s currently happening and if you’re app starts up as expected. You should get at least some kind of response regarding successful start-up, crashes etc. I suspect it simply goes down before any user input is processed.

Edit: BTW, Windows 8 is definitely not a prerequisite for running gDEBugger. It runs fine on Windows 7 and Vista too - at least it’s supposed to. You’re lucky you’re not on Linux. :wink:

The app starts fine as in other Win8 machine, but there is no output in the gDebugger at all. There is also no way to suspend execution (F6).

[…]there is no output in the gDebugger at all.

Could you take a screenshot or something? Are you running 6.2? Did you have the same trouble with 5.8?

Yes, with both versions. It’s impossible we are the only company with this issue on gDebugger…