here is my problem:
i blend a string (made with 2d textured fonts) with my scene, the problem is that i just want the text to be tranparent, not the rest !
haw can i do that ?

i have tried to

draw my scene()
enable blending
draw the text()

it doesn’t works well, i see a white box instead of the text.

can you help ?


The high level algorithm shoould work so probably are something wrong with how you setup the blending. Maybe can someone find the error if you post some code.

as far as I understand your ptoblem you probably should sue an alphatest instead of blending


If you get a white box, it’s 99% probable that it’s a problem with your texture code, not the blending. The problem could lie in the texture data, texture binding, etc. Can you post more code regarding how you set up the textured fonts?

these past days, i have worked in making several classes to encapsulate direct input,
I think that you will need the whole stuff,so i will make a little internet site where all will be avaiable for download.
when the site will be up, i will post a new message.

most of my work is porting some nehe code into class with some minor own changes.

Marsu (tanks for all the replies)

please visit

to download all my source code
if you can explain what are my errors it would be cool.

i think that the destructors are bad or arn’t called,
but the main problem is blending and the white square

the Draw() function is in example.cpp