Blending Funk

Hello all,

I am trying to blend textures together but i am experiencing some problems… I draw the initial opaque layer (just 1) and then i am going over this with multiple passes (1 for each blending texture) and specifying alpha values for each, yaya works fine, but the last drawn texture only blends into the initial opaque pass… example below

lets say 3 passes, 1 opaque 2 with alpha blending…


pass 1 is a grassy texture (OPAQUE)


pass 2 is a dirt that i apply to 1/2 the given area with alpha value 1.0f (COMPLETELY COVERING THE GRASS IN THAT AREA)

pass 3 is snow that i apply ON TOP of the area with a dirt texture… i want this to blend with the dirt texture i put on previously, but instead it blends with the initial grass texture…

Any ideas? Any help would be great.

The Not-So-Great Blender!

Try the blend func

this works like modulate by multitexturing, in my oppinion