Blender with OpenGL

I want to design an object in Blender and then export it to OpenGL to use it with QT,
I heard about Python script or ascci format,
but I don’t know how to do that,
so any help in porting Blender objects or surface to OpenGL in apperciated.

this is quite a big topic lots of choice… well you can do anything you want is the short answer, i would reccomend googling about MD2 file loading its old but still you can make really high quality models with it.

Blender 2.44 comes with a .md2 file exporter so your sorted then use an md2 loader loads on the net :slight_smile:

md5 is what doom 3 and quake 4 use they have very nice sdk’s to look at :slight_smile: anyways check out that stuff

I recommend using your own custom format. You can write Python script to export your model data into some model format of your own making and then load it into your OpenGL program. Its quite easy, I have done it many times. The benefit of this approach is that you can write into model file only the things you really need and vertex data may be preprocessed in some way if need be.

man, Blender supports 3ds files and is very esasy to laod them with lib3ds. I’ve post before about how to laod them:…true#Post232484

Also you can search in this forums, many people here have post about this too. Soon I’ll post about how to load COLLADA files with COLLADA DOM :D.


I export to collada and load them myself with COLLADA DOM, its the best method for GL if you ask me (COLLADA is khronos backed) but exporting to .obj is really easy to write a custom loader for if you don’t need anything more advanced than just the vertex position/texcoord/normal


I want to create some 3d objects with materials, maps, light, camera and other 3d features in OpenGL. But when I export them in .obj file. they are not exported properly and show some irregular and broken objects(I used 3dS max). Then I make it as .3DS format and open it into blender 2.49b. and after that export it into .obj and it show proper model in OpenGL. But it holds only one material… Neither more than one color nor any images as maps. Please help me. how I export those 3d models so that it shows properly in openGl.

Thanks in advance

Use assimp library !! With this you can import many different formats event the .blend format !