black area on right of screen in Windows

I’ve been noticing that the right side of my view window completely blacks out on some computers. It’s obviously not the viewport being sized correctly. I think it is something with the Device Context, but I’m not sure. BTW: This is an MDI app on Windows systems. I’ve seen this happen in other people’s OpenGL apps. Is this a driver issue?

I had a problem like this on my voodoo2 card

When the resolution was set to 640x480 on my app, the top 1/3rd of my screen would be chopped. At any other resolution it was absolutely fine!! Sometimes it would work, but most of the time it wouldn’t!!

Strange that…no problems on my TNT2 now…

what gfx card are on the systems that have the black area?

Got the same problem, but didn’t find a clue yet. Mostly it was on ATI cards and on laptops. So I thought it could be the missing graphics memory. But I got it (very seldom) on a TNT with 16Megs.

I have seen this problem on Windows 2000 using a Voodoo 3 3000. But it is worth noting that it seems to be driver related, as iterating a different driver (i.e. maybe single or double buffered with alpha ) caused it to behave correctly.

This problem occurs quiet often on windows2000 computers without SP1, as they don’t have openGL ver 1.2.1

It might be your problem, but i’m not sure and I don’t know much about openGL, but Hey I’m trying =)


Tested around a little. I get this problem, when running in software mode. After installing the NVidia TNT drivers, the black stripe is gone. Problem in the opengl implementation of microsoft? (win98 and winNT). I use the same code in UNIX and don’t get black stripes, so I don’t think its a problem in my program rather than in the driver.

Any suggestions?