Black area around left and bottom edges of window


I have written a MS Windows MDI app that uses OpenGL-based views. I have noticed lately that when I toggle the maximize on my window, a black edge appears around one or
more edges of the window. I’m not sure what is happening here. I clear the color buffer, but it’s almost like the color buffer doesn’t take up the entire window. I have narrowed this down to instances where I use the OpenGL selection mechanism in order to do box selection. Any ideas on what causes this?


Here’s an update…

I’ve narrowed the problem down to the follwing case: The edge problem crops up only when I use the OpenGL color XOR operation to draw a zoom box on the screen. I don’t know if this makes the problem definition more clear, but I thought I’d add it.

Have you problem with black areas in MDI aplicaton?

The solution is:

Move the initialization of OpenGL from CXXView to CChildFrame.

Please teach me, How to move the initialization of OpenGL from CXXView to CChildFrame.

Its a bug in Microsofts Software implementation of OpenGL. Use Hardware accellaration and its fixed :wink: