BitmapFont , OutLineFont , Texture Font

Pleaase Compare the performance of this
three command
when use it in OpenGL

Hi !

bitmapped fonts generate a bitmap in a displaylist, an outline font generates line strips or polygons in a display list.

I think you will find that textured fonts will be fastest, but it is also less flexible, bitmapped and outlined fonts are easy to change the text and so on.

Also, if you use textured fonts, you should keep all characters in one big texture because swithing texture is an expensive operation.

Outlined fonts only works on Windows, X/glx does only has a bitmap version for this.

Outlined fonts has the advantage of being true 3D objects so that you can rotatet them and so on, you cannot do this with a bitmapped font, textured fonts can do the same thing by transformation of the underlying polygon.

I hope that helps a bit

I guess it all depends on what you want to use it for, if it’s a game then I think I would go for textured fonts, if it is some kind of console or something with lots of text, I think batmapped fonts we be a good choice.

But bitmapped fonts are not very fast, i tried to display some text in OpenGL some time ago (TNT2), about 1500 characters and the framerate went down pretty bad (something like 5 frames per second or so).


Thank you