Bitmap loader

Hi everybody!
I am trying to load bitmaps in OpenGL at the moment. At first I used the command auxDIBImageLoad but I now found out that the glaux lib is deprecated at ths stage. So now I would like to use LoadBMP but not really sure how to use it.And information out there is a bit confusing.Could anyone point me to a site where the loading and editing of Bitmaps is explained from start to finish or maybe shed a bit of light on that topic for me??Please?!! I actually need to convert the BMP into an RGB array as well afterwards and mess around with those values(as in for example only extract the Green values) so I really need a good understanding of this and I would appreciate any help at all in kind of easy terms as I am only a beginner to this.

If you poke around on google you should find what you need, for example has a complete bitmap loader even though it use MFC stuff it should be pretty easy to adapt it to work without MFC.