Bitmap Fonts

Ok ok… before I get flamed for asking a question about something that’s already been dealt with, I have to say that I have read all the messages about this subject and have personally completed all of NeHe’s tutorials.

Now with that out of the way

I’m trying to get bitmap fonts to display themselves on the screen, but no matter what I try, they don’t want to show. Even after downloading and recompiling NeHe’s own code, it still doesn’t work. I tried the code out of my OpenGL SuperBible, and well, that’s a whole other story itself, haha. The closest I was ever able to get was it displayed the text in the bottom left corner and kind of stepped across the screen, even though I had a glRasterPos2f() function in there to hold it in place. The text always shows up white when it does show up at all, and even when I tell it to go green for instance. Even after updating my video drivers, it still won’t work.

So my question is, does anyone know why I cannot display any bitmap fonts? Could it be my video card (Voodoo 3 3500)? But if it is my video card, why can I run NeHe’s ‘compiled’ bitmap font example and have it display without any problems at all?

Any ideas?


I’m using Vodoo3 2000 and I don’t have any problem to display bitmap font.I,ve try pickup some portion in NeHe’s tutorial and put it in my glut project and its run well.So maybe there’s something missing in your code.I don’t think there’s any problem with your card.

Have you switch to orthographic projection before display the font?

I don’t think it’s the code as I downloaded NeHe’s own code, compiled it, and it did the same thing.

How could I switch to and from Ortho projection easily?