Binding OpenGL to an existing window

I’m new to OpenGL and these forums and I’d like you to ask one question. I guess it has been answered before so I don’t mind if you point me to a similar topic, cause I still can’t find my way through the forums. And now about the quesiton. Let’s say I have an existing project written in Microsoft VisualStudio .NET or BorlandCBuilder. I’d like to take overl control of the drawing of a certain component and make it with OpenGL. I read NeHe’s first tutorial but there are lots ot WinAPI stuff I don’t understand. In Red Book the windowing is done with GLUT. Superbible uses Win32API too. I don’t want to create a window from scratch (for now) but use an existing one. How could I achieve it?
Thank you.

well i would learn how to create a window from scratch :wink: …if you don’t want to, than why not use GLUT? personally i prefer SDL over GLUT but if you have examples using glut u may as well use glut