Binary '=': no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'glm::tvec4<float,0>' (Fix new GLM into old GLM for learning purpose)

Visual Studio 2015
GLM: (note that glm is missing from the example, I have to extract the glm zip file and put the glm folder to the folder named “external” in the example)

Vulkan C++ examples and demos
GitHub - SaschaWillems/Vulkan: Examples and demos for the new Vulkan API
That Vulkan example above is extremely rich for learning purpose but I cannot compile it. The errors are indicated in the code very below.

If anyone can help me, thanks. It’s a very rich Vulkan example.

---------- File: gltfloading.cpp in GLM project ----------

	// Append data to model's vertex buffer
	for (size_t v = 0; v < vertexCount; v++) {
		Vertex vert{};

		vert.pos = glm::vec4(glm::make_vec3(&positionBuffer[v * 3]), 1.0f);
Error C2679 binary '=': no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'glm::tvec4<float,0>' (or there is no acceptable conversion)

		vert.normal = glm::normalize(glm::vec3(normalsBuffer ? glm::make_vec3(&normalsBuffer[v * 3]) : glm::vec3(0.0f)));

		vert.uv = texCoordsBuffer ? glm::make_vec2(&texCoordsBuffer[v * 2]) : glm::vec3(0.0f);
Error C2446 ':': no conversion from 'glm::tvec3<float,0>' to 'glm::tvec2<float,0>'

		vert.color = glm::vec3(1.0f);

---------- File: type_vec3.hpp in GLM project ----------
namespace glm
    template <typename T, precision P = defaultp>
    struct tvec3
        GLM_FUNC_DECL tvec3();
        GLM_FUNC_DECL tvec3(tvec3<T, P> const & v);
        //**** EDIT by me: Example of how I'm trying to fix the problem, not a permanent fix ****
        GLM_FUNC_DECL tvec3(tvec3<T, P> const & v, T const & c)
             this->x = v.x;
             this->y = v.y;
             this->z = v.z;
        // But it doen't work.

Solved, according to my experience about Forums, the solution can be something very different that has nothing to do with my question, and here is the solution:

The original error I didn’t mention is “glm/glm.hpp” cannot be found, so I include glm in the project by modifying the CMakeLists.txt as follows:

# It's you to set the variable VULKAN_PATH, but I cannot show it because it's too big, it's like a mistake to show it.

	# Include Vulkan header files from Vulkan SDK
	include_directories(AFTER ${VULKAN_PATH}/Include)
	include_directories(AFTER ${VULKAN_PATH}/Third-Party/Include)

	# Link directory for vulkan-1

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