bezier surface and elasticity

I am trying to model a square piece of balloon using bezier surfaces. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to accomplish this? I have been trying to look at the physics for awhile now and havent come up with much. Any help would be appreciated.

as i understood, you want to make from small peace of ballon (that small peace will be consequently, a square) courved surface, with Bezier offcourse.
Well, there is known 4 vertices, and tesselate them (as much triangles it there, sourf will be smoother ). There is few nice codes on the net, i can’t remember now, but Google is solution

If I understand the question, what you want is a square patch of elastic (balloon) material.

Id recommend forgetting about bezier surfaces as they are irrelevant to the problem, for now you should make a polygonal grid and work the physics out for that.

Once this is working you may want to then use a lower resolution grid and use the vertices as control points for a bezier surface.

Search google for “cloth simulation” or try these links: