bezier,b-spline,nurbs,subdivision curve and surfaces

i wanna ask some favor…can anybody give me some source code on how to generate all the curve and surfaces above. i have some task which is i must build a tools which is can generate all the curve and surfaces above …i really need help…or u can tell me some link that can help me…

Hi !

Some of the requested surfaces are not that simple to create, I would suggest that you have a look at one of the nurb libraries available with source, one of the best is IRIT ( )
there are code for almost all kinds of curve and surface type you can imagine, including trivariate and others, but you may not be able to actually use the source, it’s free for non commercial use only.

Another one is GUL (sourceforge, but I think the name has changed, search for NURB on sourceforge).


look up parametric curves and surfaces. has some articles on math and geometry that explain bezier curves and such…look under the articles and resources heading on the main page, then click the math and physics link on the right column.