Best to fake it?

How would this look in a scene? I want to create a scene with one compleatly ambient light. Then fake lighting with light maps. I wish to add to the realizm by using embose bump mapping by using (dummy) lights. Basicaly a lamp with no bulb sort of thing. I can use tangent space to find the bump mapping shift of the texture by using the light possition, I never actualy have to turn the lights on. Would this fake lighting well? Or would it be better to use one ambient light for “gamma” light. and then real diffuse/ambient lights for realism along with light maps, and bump mapping??

Would this fake lighting well?

You were at the level of Quake/Doom until you added embossed “Bump Mapping”. I don’t consider that hack to be a real bump mapping technique (mainly because it looks ugly at times). If you’re targeting reasonably modern hardware, you should use real tangent-space bump mapping, probably via the Dot3 texenv extension.

In any case, doing any sort of real lighting would likely look better (or, at least, more consistent) than simple lightmaps and embossed hacks.