Best phone supporting OpenGL ES

I´m about to buy me a new phone. Because I´ve done some OpenGL programming for desktop PC:s, I´d like to try to do something in OpenGL ES for mobile phone.
My question now is, as you´ve might guessed, which phone currently (or coming during the summer) is the best choice? If you were about to buy a new phone, which one would you choose?
Another question is whether it´s worth the money investing in the OpenGL Es Game Development book?

Thanx in advance!

Check out the N93: It is not in the shops yet, but will be :slight_smile:

Check out also the Khronos main page for more links. As per the statement: “…their first fully hardware accelerated OpenGL ES 1.1 handset. N93 is capable of rendering millions of triangles per second, while maintaining high image quality by supporting free bilinear filtering and full-screen anti-aliasing…”

You can program to it by using S60 3rd edition SDK and OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK plugin, both which are available from already.


Is there any support for OpenGL ES for S60 3RD edition SDK.
I really can’t find any examples code that works out of the box.
also is Opengl ES supported on the N91 device.
Also can you point me to the relevant resource. Much appreciated

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