Best laptop for OpenGL?


I’m looking for recommendations on what might
be the best Linux Laptop running (hardware
accelerated) OpenGL?


I do not know if you even have an alternative to NVidia but their hardware/driver is very good.

I have been on this search for a few years. I started with a compaq with an ati 3d rage pro. That did work but was weak, and a little unstable. Laptops with these graphic chips should now be pretty inexpensive.

I am now using a dell 8000 with an NVidia “Gforce 2 go”. It is very nice, and easily plays any game out there (Linux drivers are very complete and are now very stable). That said, it is noticably slower than my desktop with a Gforce 2 GTS.

Dell now makes laptops with the radeon 7500. This card should be far faster than the GForce 2 go, it can come with 64 Meg, and it has the new generation shaders, unlike the 2-go. I believe that there is 3d support for this card in xfree 4.1/4.2, and if it’s not there yet, you can always opt to buy the xigraphics X server + accel opengl driver while you wait.

The GForce 4 go is also comming out on dells. My guess is that these are as fast or maybe faster than the ati 7500’s. But they have the GForce 2 feature set – no shaders.

I believe that Toshiba also uses the NVidea chips.


Toshiba Satellite 3000-xxx are very nice.
Mine has a GeForce2 Go.


You might want to see the latest Thinkpad A31p from IBM . It has FireGL ATI 64 MBRAM with an Pentium 4.


I put Linux on my Dell laptop. I put Mandrake on it, it worked fine exept I couldn’t get the sound to work.

I run on Dell Inspiron 8000 (rage mobility) on both win2k and mandrake… everything works fine, 3d accel and sound etc…

that’s my recommendation

Has anybody tried the DRI drivers for the new radeon 7500 laptop chipsets?

I’m thinking of getting a new sony viao with the radeon7500 but they are so new I can’t find any info on how well it works with linux.

Mr. T

I just got a sony GRX with the radeon 7500 card. Installed the DRI drivers and all I can say is SWEEEEEEEEEEET! 200+ FPS in my app.

1600x120 LCD screen and OGL with KDE3 is just about anybody could want in their whole life

How much gfx memory did the sony come with?


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