Best Compiler?

Hello everyone. I’m new to openGL I have never used it befor… I’ve got two books on it and they dont really help me as far as getting a compiler… I used to have CodeBlocks and it worked GREAT but i could not ever get it to compile OpenGL correctly… Was woundering if anyone had any ideas on what to use as far as a compiler? Please any input on where to start would be great. Also if some could tell me how to check if I have the updated OpenGl.dlls and everything to make it work right… Thanks… <<< Newbie.

All you need to compile OpenGL application under Windows is gl.h and opengl32.lib.
Search you compiler’s directory for these files - if you have both, then compiler should support OpenGL.
When you create project then in linker options you should add opengl32.lib - otherwise you’ll get “Unresolved external symbol” errors.

As for dll’s - you only need to install drivers from your graphics card manufacturer.