I studied when I was in opengl version lower than 3.3. Now I am recovering and I do not know where to start. Could you tell me witch/ what books / tutorials would be good? Thank you!

You mean book about opengl 3.3+?
I read only “Beginning OpenGL: Game Programming (second edition)” , but Opengl superbible ( the red book) maybe is better

If you are new to shaders and OpenGL then I would buy the OpenGL ES Programming Guide. Despite being ES it is still relevant for desktop GL as well and is one of the latest books on the subject of OpenGL shaders. Its the book I’m learning from and I highly recommend it.

The super bible is not the red book, the red book is the red colored book, not the blue one… Also i wouldn’t recomment the red book any more.

Look at these tutorials:

[li] by Jason L. McKesson[/li][li] by Jeo Groff[/li][/ul]

And for GLSL: OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook by David Wolff.

I am very content with those answers. Thanks !