Beginning with OpenGL from Zero


although I got some experience with Java, I have not done much with 3D yet. I used Java3D to make a simple program, you can watch a screenvideo of it on vimeo.

Now I would like to get serious with hardware acceleration and programming with a language, which is a little more open and works without too many additional libs or even VMs.

I currently use Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome and think about getting a little used to C and Gtk+. As far as I understood, I can use OpenGL with GtkGLExt and have some part of my GUI showing an OpenGL powered 3D view.

Would you recomment C and Gtk, GtkGLExt for my purposes? I am pretty uncoined (short of the C-like Syntax from Java and PHP) in 3D and GUI programming yet. All I did was some physics calculation and crunching a self written 2D engine into a Java JPanel by rewriting its paintComponent(…) method.

Could you recommend me some tutorials or even a book to help me reimplement the program from the video in C and OpenGL?

Thanks you.


Jack D