Beginners guide to where to start?

After seeing some amazing demos by a guy(group?) named Haujobb, both of which were under 150k…, I must learn how to do this. Simply freakin amazing. Its like watching a new artform being born, and I wanna learn to paint. Could someone please tell me where to start, I know nothing now. Is there a beginners guide, or tutorial somewhere?

depends on how much you know…, and click on opengl tutorials on the left… they’re great if you’re comfortable with WIN32 programming. And even if you’re not they explain it to you.

Other than that, you can use glut, which is A LOT easier…

I advise you to start with NeHe’s tutorial. You should be retarded not to understand how to make some simple OpenGl programs. For more complicated features I don’t know (Maybe the red book). Anyway I’m looking over this tutorial and I think is the best for beginners.