Beginner in openGL

Hello people
I’m Brazilian and i want to learn OpenGL
i started with a tutorial in youtube, but i saw that opengl is in version 4.2
where do i find a material to study?

i’m sorry by my english

Thank you very much

Great site!

I see nopper has some modern examples.

Be careful jumping in at the deep end though. The fixed function pipeline can be a real aid to learning concepts for the beginner even if you move to shaders later and nehe has exhaustive tutorials with a lot of explanatory and descriptive text:

If using NeHe be certain to keep this link handy:


Great site![/QUOTE]

I second this.

If you find this tutorial difficult, I designed my OpenGL tutorial as a stepping stone to the arc synthesis tutorial. It uses fixed function pipeline to make things easier in the beginning then moves on to modern OpenGL in the end.