I just started to be interested in OpenGL programming in C++.
I have Microsft Visual C++, and i would like to know what book(s) is/are good for me. I mean, i dont know anything about programing in C++.

Thank you

You have a long road ahead of you witgh many caffeine fuelled late nights!

Plenty of free stuff on the web to get you going just search for ‘c++ tutorial beginner’ on google or something


thanks :wink:

but…do I need to know c++ before?

I would suggest the following two books:

  • C++ Primer Plus, 3rd Edition, by Stephen Prata, Waite Group 1998;
  • The C++ Programming Language, any edition, Bjarne Stroustrup.

Visual C++ is OK, but constrain yourself to console programs until you are a little comfortable with the way the language works.

Then you should get a copy of:

  • Programming Windows 95, by Charles Petzold, Microsoft Press 1996.
    This will help you understand the arcana of programming the GUI.

I suggest these books because you should be able to get them fairly cheaply at stores that sell remaindered computer reference books.

If you want to skip the Windows API programming once you figure out C++, you can use GLUT to produce the windows - lots of people do that because it’s easier.

You’ve got you’re work cut out for you. Good luck


C++ is not an absolute necessity, C is enough for OpenGL(as far as I know), but it is always good to know them both. C++ just makes many tasks easier.
(my opinion)