Beginer question..

Hi, I have created a scene in 3DSMax and exported it into an cpp file. The problem is that, when compiling an error ocours telling me that:c:\dokumenty\opengl\erik.cpp(11275) : fatal error C1076: compiler limit : internal heap limit reached; use /Zm to specify a higher limit
Error executing cl.exe.
Can some help me with this…
Thank you

Erm, you can’t just export a scene to a cpp file and expect C++ to compile it for you.

You have to write a program that reads in the data in the .ase or .3ds etc file that you export from 3dsMax and converts it into opengl vertex,face,texture and normal data.

I used an ASE export plugin to export the scene from 3DSMax. For creating opengl source file I use 3D Exploration. I thing that this is the best what I could do. The ASE exporter is better than the standart 3ds exporter ( it writes everything).

I just read the 3d exploration web site - when they say it exports an opengl c++ source file, what kind of program does it write? Some sort of stand alone viewer for a specific model?

you can get round your compiler probelm by putting something like /Z200 in the compilation options list (where the number after the Z is the percentage of the normal amount of memory allocated for the compiler.

You’re probably better off writing your own code though, if the code generated by 3D explorer is so complex it needs that much memory to compile.

Thats what I have had to do before, it is easy enough to do.