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India Game Developer Summit 2010 – First, Independent Event on Game Programming, Business and Careers

Bangalore, February 15, 2010: Game development is heavily bound by huge capital investments by the game publisher. The term ‘Indie’ is commonly used in the game industry to represent a small team or an individual who independently develops a commercial-quality video game. Indie developers cannot match the resources or might of the large producers. So where does that leave a developers who is solely relying on his programming skills and self-determination to create games outside this restrictive relationship? At India’s first and independent annual summit for the game development ecosystem - India Game Developer Summit ( Karthik Subramaniam aims to help independent game developers succeed in the competitive game industry. Few young and energetic entrepreneurs/students choose the indie route rather than joining a professional game studio to unleash their creative freedom. Indies have challenges in all aspects of game development such as funding, developing, publishing, marketing and selling their games. It becomes increasingly difficult to have access to expensive state-of-the-art tooling for creating game content.

Karthik’s talk covers all aspects of Indie game development ranging from the choice of gaming platform - PC/Mobile/Console to pros & cons of self publishing and digital distribution. Since indie teams have budget constraints, they don’t have access to modern 2D and 3D content creation tools that professional game studios use. To address this specific problem, the session shows how high-quality open source content creation tools could be used as a viable alternative to their commercial counterparts. This presentation introduces a set of free, production-quality open source software such as Blender, GIMP, MyPaint, etc with a brief overview of their capabilities. Depending on the type/genre of game, indies can benefit from open source game engines to drastically reduce time to market. The session concludes with the presentation of a cost-effective marketing strategy and few successful indie case studies.

Karthik keeps a day job with an IT software services company, but spends his free time evaluating open source game development tools and understanding the latest trends in game development. A hobbyist, he closely follows the global game industry with specific focus on challenges and business models of independent game development. The free 2D action game ‘Indian Commander’ Karthik developed has been published in several websites such as CNET’s and recorded more than 20,000 downloads.

Featuring top-notch keynotes from luminaries, visionaries and gaming gurus IGDS has announced the line-up of speakers and stellar sessions covering everything from GPU Computing for games, open source for your game development, bootstrapping for mobile game development, high fidelity dynamics in games, leveraging flash for your games, lessons from the trenches on becoming an Indie game developer to much more.

Attend IGDS to get inspired, learn from the gurus who have gamed their way to success, and join a club that seeks competence to grab a share in the $43 billion global gaming development pie. View complete details of experts and topics covered at IGDS here:

About India Game Developer Summit

The highly individualistic nature of the Indian Software Developer, coupled with their tolerance for divergent personalities make them a natural fit into the Game Development culture. With the mission to build a robust community, advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers, IGDS 2010 (Lite Ed) is being organized with the mission to pump the blood of Indian Game Developers and re-invigorate the ecosystem at large. The summit will cover industry leading methodologies in game development, design, production, programming, visual arts and writing.

India GDS (IGDS) is the quintessential Indian game industry event focused on inspiring, connecting and educating the Indian game developer ecosystem. Featuring top-notch keynotes from luminaries, visionaries and gaming gurus on various subjects from mobile and indie games to MMOs and AAA games, IGDS will also provide a hub for business and networking opportunities in the Indian industry.

With support from the International Game Developer Association (IGDA), the gaming industry at large and academia, the summit’s intent is to build a robust community, advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers. IGDS will see participation from Adobe, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Playdom among several others. For complete details visit:

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