Be gentle

I have downloaded all the files for glaux, glut, and glu. The instructions say to put the header files in the include directory and the library files in the library directory. Where are these directories located (I know where to put the dll files). In addition, I remember reading somewhere else that I have to change some project settings. Can anyone tell me which ones (I am using Visual C++ 2008). Thank you so much.

It depends. Usually, each project has a settings tab to allow you to specify directories that are searched during compilation and linking to locate any referenced include files or libraries. These directories called ‘include paths’ and ‘lib paths’ usually. However, there is a default lib and a default include path, each usually being one of your compiler’s sub-directories. Usually these paths are called “include” or “lib”(I am a MinGW32 user but I expect Visual C++ works in a similar way). Look for them in your compiler’s folder. So, anything you put there is found by the compiler automatically. .dll files must be placed either in your executable directory or in windows\system32, although it’s not recommended.