BCB5+OGL=success compile!

Havn’t got glut to work yet. But here is the code for my very first ogl app in BCB5. Please take a look and tell me if anything is “not right”.


Basically the main “loop” is enclosed in a timer which is called every ms. Also, my coding habit is rather messy, sorry. AND english is not my first, nor second, language. :slight_smile:

a.) your link doesnt work (at least for me)
b.) it would help to know what kind of errors you get.

No no no, you misunderstood me, the code works, I just want to share them so everyone can see it. ALso, sorry about the link, it should work now.

Also, is there ANY Borland C++ Builder5 user here who manage to get Glut to work?

(Did write a bit longer about the program, but some of the micro**** “features” did delete it all)

Anyway …
gluPerspective(100,1.5, 0.01,65535);
… with only 24bits of precision just can’t mean any good.

Read (especially point 12.050 in it):


edit: Dooh! Filter!! How the hell am i supposed to talk about mico… ah forget it.

Ok, thanx. Is there any other more “general” errors in regards to the architecture of the program?

I did a few minor tweaks and will upload the new codes as soon as I get home…

I don’t regularly use Borland, but I think I did manage to get glut working with it some time ago when I did try it. If I remember correctly, there is a tool with Borland that allows you to create a library from a DLL. If you use that tool to create your library file, you can then link to that library file to get it to work.

I just got MS Visual C++, GLUT and everything works perfectly so far. So I am switching over to VC++…