Basic question:: Problems with GLut32.lib setup

Hi there,

I have installed GLut32.lib in my homePC, and it has even this following error:

C:\Programme\DevStudio\VC\LIB\GLut32.lib : fatal error LNK1106:

But really the archieve Glut32.lib is there. Also I have setup correctly the VC settings–>Link with GLut32.lib, but this problem ever remains.

Thnx in advance on any hints. …|:0).
Rgds, Adriano

I don’t think that is the whole error message. There is a colon after LNK1106, probably there is a text explaining what went wrong.

Hi Bob,
The error message says:

Invalide data or record carrier full: Position at 0x392507bb not possible
Error by performing link.exe

Thnx by your reply. …|:0).

The library file is corrupt, replace glut32.lib, maybe reinstall VC++.