Basic MS VS2010 ogl question switch ogl 2 to ogl 1.3 - idtech 4 RBDoom source

I am trying to build a game off the Doom 3 GPL
I have the assets and entities and things assessed
In the source I want to fork
I have 2 problems
the main one is that I want to unhook open gl 2 and hook up open gl 1.3

I know it can be done,
I have to put a set of source files for the open gl in the main source and link to them with the qgl or wqgl header file

or something like that
I can build it but my dev boxes and my focus is on lower shader use and strictly texture use mostly.

Any ideas
I am on a library box so have nothing in front of me
am offline in RL

I can post screens
really I just need an ogl 1.3 library and steps to link into the rbdoom source above, and I guess a folder of reduced ogl .fx files.


I like the idtech 4 engine
it has really good normal mapping
i want my game to be fully DX9 and OGL 1.3
not shader level 2
I want the core engine to run off a piece of crap
so I don’t need any shaders
other than simple ones for atnmopherics

I understand I would need to replace the ogl folder in the source folder with an older one and change a header file and maybe a cpp file in the main folder that would include the subfolder of the new open gl files

Thank you for your time
This is
GPL and I will add it as a fork when I get it running
I have other plans for the engine later
but this is my snag


I’m kinda dissapointed in this forum.
Have I put this in the wrong place?
Everyone is too 'leet and stuck on the latest ogl4?
the reason I want the ogl 1.3 or 1.8 or whatever is for max user compatibility on old gear

This really isn’t so hard and I know its an easy one.

This is snotty.
I want to avoid microstink dx but
this is snotty.