Basic C+ and cc question

I know this is not the right place, but can anyone direct me to the right spot to post this question. I am involved in portinmg some code in C++ to cc on a multiprocessor SGI machine.


My old program is in C+ for the Microsoft compiler but the new one from the SGI and the multiprocessor only uses cc, which I believe is just the original old C compiler.

I am having problems with external variables no longer being seen within functions in the cc program. For example, in what is attached there is a variable “kappa_level” while is defined external to all functions and is read as a command line argument. This variable does not seem to make it into functions such as “computation()”. I redefine it there and it is seen. This is funny because an array called “data” makes it through and all the means are calculated correctly. I had the same problem with a variable called “MISSING” that define missing values. When it was defined in the function all the means were correctly calculated. Any thoughts would be appreciated. A mystery.

This is off topic.

When calling from C++ you should wrap the C headers with the

extern “C” {

Please stick to OpenGL.