Bad implementation!

Try to disassemble the 3dfxogl.dll, which is the the 3dfx ogl implementation, you will discover that ogl wraps glide and some of the Windows GDI. Is not it considered a bad implementation that affect performance. Why should ogl be implemented as a wraper that calls other APIs, or is it a problem with 3dfx? Cannot ogl be implemented as glide straight to the metal?


I’m sure it can, and I’m sure 3dfx had good reasons (like “time to market”) in not doing so. Different vendors’ implementations vary. Vendors with consistently good implementations delivered early are likely to come in a position to buy out vendors with consistently poor implementations delivered late. My projection for the future is that nVidia will be able to buy 3dfx.

Oh, wait… :slight_smile:

Is it true that Nvidia ogl driver checks for installed DirectX components and use them instead?

Or was it the other way around…

Wasn’t that Microsoft.