Bad Frame Rate Problem

I’ve got a very simple program (Windows 98) that is displaying about 700 polygons. This should not even budge my computer since Im running on an AMD 900 with a GeForce2 GTS. Im getting zero (yeha count em) zero frames per sec. I’ve tried the standard GL_TRIANGLES and I’ve used display lists and prebuild vertex arrays. The only thing i can think of is to comile the list into triangle_strips but 700 singlton trianges should not be this bad… im lost…

any help please?

Can you post your display code so we can have a look?

The code below is what im doing. I dont have any gl flags enabled beyond the defaults. I even disabled gl_depth_test.

// list is just an array of trangles where
// each triangle is and array of 3 points
for( uint j = 0; j < numtris; j++ )
triangle *tri = &list[j];
glVertex3f(tri[0].x,tri[0].y, tri[0].z);
glVertex3f(tri[1].x,tri[1].y, tri[1].z);
glVertex3f(tri[2].x,tri[2].y, tri[2].z);

Could we see your pixel format. Your software, most likely, is running with MS generic implementation.


Ok, sorry for the false alarm! For a second there i thought i got duped into buying a 486-33 w/ Trident VGA card Looks like my GeForce needed a fresh install of drivers and a good tweaking. i benchmarked my PC in Quake 3 and it was choking too. thanks for the tips, it lead me right to the problem.