Auxiliary buffer


Sorry, my english is bad.

I need to use AUX buffer. Auxiliary buffers work fine on GeForce2 and GeForce4 on Windows XP, except when using the function glDrawPixels. This function doesn’t work.

Is it a limitation ?
Is it a card o driver problem ?
Is it a Windows implementation problem ?
Any idea ?

Yes dude… I use English very bad than you.

Auxilialy? Do you want code sample of (delphi and assembly) or (C++/C and assembly)?

If you want Delphi and assembly? It’s OK I know.
but I don’t know about C/C++…

If you want Delphi and assembly you will download unit file dglOpenGL.pas to your PC. I will help you to connect your 3D to render in GPU and immediate mode. To the other day if I have time I will come help you.

Today I will sleep. Nice to meet you dude bye.

AUX buffers, if present, should just work as any other color buffer. If DrawPixels is not working, try if that has been fixed in a newer driver.