ATI's hardware tess unit is there support yet?

I was wondering if the new ATI cards had OpenGL support for the tessellation unit yet? Or any of the new DX10 features? Does anyone know of a good site that shows what features they are supporting? I know of delphi3d but its not updated anymore from what I can tell.


All I know is that none of the newest OpenGL extensions pertain to it. :frowning:

The quick answer is not. The long answer is as far a even geometry shader, texture array, bindable buffer, etc. aren’t even supported how could we expect a support for this so great feature?

This could make the different between ATI and nVidia but ATI drivers are still limited to OpenGL 2.1… I really hope to see ATI coming back on high-end hardware, currently graphics hardware evolution just suck because of lack of competition.

Hopefully Intel chips will become high end chips… I’m joking!