hi all,

im running a amd athlon system with a ati radeon 9800 pro (128mb) and windows xp sp 1.

always when playing neverwinterwinter nights im crashing and the file casueing problems is named atioglxx. im runnning the latest drivers (tried older ones too) but still have this problem, any ideas out there?


I’ve got almost the exact same build as you, and have seen this same problem in City of Heroes. It’s clear that there’s something wrong with the way the Radeon is handling OGL. This didn’t happen before when I had the card in an older, slower system. When I went to a 3.2GHz Athlon and installed XP SP2, the crashes/freezes began to happen in every game I play. CoH, Tribes: Vengeance, SW: Battlefront…

I’ve tried old and new drivers (even 4.91, which most say has fixed Doom3’s problems with the Radeon), and have even tried to use Omega drivers. If anyone has any advice out there, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I never had any problem with my ATI with 4.10 at all. THe only instance where running 3d apps cause atioglxx.dll to crash is when I overclocked the card too far… I am using WinXP SP1, cat 4.10 official, and Radeon 9600 128mb. May I suggest using DriverCleaner to clean up the old driver files and install the latest driver afterwards.

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