Ati Rage 128 openGL support **HELP**

Is there someone out ther who can tell me how to enable openGL support for my Ati Rage 128 AGP Card. I used Scitech GlDirect,GLsetup and the original Ati driver,
but not of them work. Sometimes i got the message “couldn´t create primary surface”.
What is the hack with it???
please help!!!

I have the same problem with a Mac G4/400. I have an ATI Rage Pro 128 in an AGP slot and I use Strata3d (The Pro version 2.5.3) and I get all kinds of wierd stuff when using OpenGL as an interactive renderer. Basically, None of the polygons on the screen interact properly (i.e. thay lose their place in 3d space and all appear to be mixing into each other. I’m using OS 9.0.4 and when I look at the info on my openGL it says version 1.1.3. I’ve looked everywhere for help; Apple, ATI, even Conix who used to run OpenGL. I know you may be on an opposite platform but maybe you have some insight I haven’t come upon yet. I’ve had the hardware replaced already so I’m sure it’s not that.